Questions Omni Consulting Can Answer to Help Save You Time and Money

Hardware software Savings: Does your current technology maintenance vendor sell hardware and software? Do you really need the equipment and software your vendor tech is recommending? Are you saving as much as you can on the equipment and software your purchasing?


Hardware Software Recommendations: Are the recommendations based on what your maintenance vendor’s sells or distributes or on what meets your business needs.


Quick Problem Solving: Is your current maintenance vendor having problems troubleshooting your network problems? Are your network problems lingering and now getting solved? Are you buying new equipment every time you solve a problem?


Increasing your profits or reducing your cost: Is your current equipment maintenance vendor supporting your corporate goals for profit and loss? Is your current equipment vendor making you money or saving you money? Are you getting the most out of your technology investment?


Tech stability: Are you getting a different maintenance vendor tech from week to week? Do you wish you had the same maintenance vendor tech every visit? Are you training a new maintenance vendor tech every other week? Wish you had the same primary and secondary maintenance vendor tech from visit to visit?


Tech Experience: Is your tech 25 years old and is not focused on your business? Does your maintenance vendor tech understand your corporate goals and objectives? Is your young maintenance vendor tech listening to your needs?


Reduced Labors Cost: Are you trying to reduce your maintenance vendor labor cost?


Flanking your competition: Are you looking for ideas and technology to out flank your competition?


Data control: Who is in control of your network and data, you or your vendor?


24 X 7 Equipment Monitoring: Is your equipment monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year?


Proactive or reactive: Is your maintenance vendor reacting to your network issues? Are you trying to move your company to a proactive approach vs reactive?


Strategic Planning: Is your maintenance vendor working with you to plan your technology investments for the next one to three years. Are you able to budget your technology investments or caught by surprise?


Down time: Is your network down an hour to two hour each month? What’s an hour of down time cost you? $20.00 per hour X _____# of employees _____ = $________


Major Upgrade: Are you planning a major upgrade of your key applications? Are you in control of your upgrade or is your hardware software vendor?


Moving or expanding: Are you moving or expanding your company and you are trying to control or reduce your cost?


Multiple locations: Are you trying to connect multiple locations cost effectively?


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