What to Expect Working With Omni Consulting

Stability: You are assigned the same primary and backup consultant. This allows the consultant to learn your business strengths, challenges, hardware, software, your staff and vendors. We have consultants who have been working with the same clients since our inceptions.


Test Facilities : We specialize in Microsoft operating systems. Our consultants are MCSEs. (Microsoft Certified Engineer (MCSE). You get the best!


Technical Support: We have virtual labs. If you need software loaded or tested, we can simulate your work environment in a off-site test setting not your production environment. You don’t need to test software upgrades on your production network. This protects your business from down time.


Consultant Emergency Availability: Our consultants only have client billings of 16 hours per week. If you have a site emergency, your primary consultants now has the flexibility to respond the emergency. This can save you thousands of dollars in down time by having your primary consultant respond to the emergency.


Client Strategic Analysis: We provide a technical strategic planning document reviewing the past year’s objective and recommend projects for the coming year that will make your company more successful in the market place or address operational challenges. Our business approach recommendations are made to increase your organizations profits, reduce your operating expenses (hardware, software and including consulting services) and increase your staff’s operating efficiencies.


Client Confidentially: We will only work with one client in your industry – you. This is to protect your data and strategic planning. We protect your company at all cost.


Unbiased Hardware Software Recommendations: We don’t sell hardware or software. Any purchases we recommend come after multiple bids and vendor negotiations to reduce your cost as much as possible. We view this as a way to offset any investment you make with Omni Consulting. Our vendor neutrality assures you of the maximum saving on your technical investments.


Your Consultant’s Training: Our consultants spend 8 hours per week in training. This allows Omni Consulting to bring new idea or approaches to your company to increase your profits, reduce your operating expenses or increase your staff’s operating efficiencies.


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